20141114 This Is Strange… I Normally Dont Have

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-11-14 09:47:44-0500 – Updated: 2014-11-14 09:47:44-0500This is strange… I normally dont have many good things to say about Microsoft but Microsoft is making a complete 180 turn around. Just look what they have done in the past few months.

Windows 10 – Microsoft seems to FINALLY be listening to customers and correcting a lot of the mistakes they made in Windows 8. I have been running Windows 10 on a test machine for a few weeks and I can say that it is actually a pleasure to use. I cant wait until it comes out officially.

Open Source .NET Framework – Unexpected but long overdue. 

Committing to making the .NET Framework cross-platform – Not only MacOS but Linux.

Android Support in Visual Studio – Not completely unexpected due to the Nokia X.

Bringing Office365 support to the ChromeOS Web Store – Although just a fancy bookmark, Microsoft was fighting ChromeOS for years and now they are embracing it. 

And today… they announced that they are bringing Skype to the web using WebRTC, a standard that Microsoft has failed to adopt for years. Apple is now the only OS that is lagging behind.

At this rate, I would not be shocked to see Windows 12 released under the GPLShared with: Public+1’d by: José A. Velazquez, Jaromír Šír, Austin Mutschler, Manuel Savino, Joseph Cappellino, Boris Michael, François Simond, Derek RossReshared by: Austin MutschlerDerek Ross – 2014-11-14 10:01:22-0500 #thingsjakeloves  Gregg Lantz – 2014-11-14 10:11:26-0500Please note that many of the items on your list are announced and have not yet come to fruition. There is a phrase that I often find myself saying. My kids hate to hear it because they know it means a lot of work on their part. “Don’t tell me, show me. I don’t want words, I want to see results”. Joseph Cappellino – 2014-11-14 10:32:37-0500I think this is their best plan.  Windows is extremely heavyweight and cumbersome for the average person to support.  ChromeOS is the complete opposite.

But, ChromeOS lacks Microsoft products, so users are switching to something they can use (though limited in functionality).

I, and you all, have been saying this for years, if you’re going to be a for-profit services company (i.e. – Office365, Amazon, etc), make sure you’re able to run on any platform on any device.  This will ensure that you maximize your profits.

Currently, the only one doing this completely right is Google, though Amazon is finally starting to catch up (holding out for native Chromecast support… which ain’t gonna happen soon).

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