20141103 Hello All, I Will Be Selling My Mint Co

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-11-03 14:15:18-0500 – Updated: 2014-11-03 14:15:18-0500Hello All,
I will be selling my mint condition 32 GB Nexus 10 via Swappa. If you are local to South Florida and wish to buy it in person, let me know. 


Nexus 10 (Wi-Fi) For Sale – $210 on Swappa (QMV410)

Shared with: Public+1’d by: Ahmed Abulatta, Master Decker, Peter HoldenChris Harrington – 2014-11-03 15:15:32-0500What, you are getting rid of your tech. OMG!!!Keith I Myers – 2014-11-03 15:24:10-0500That did not take long, it has been sold

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