20141027 BOO!!!

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-10-27 19:35:47-0400 – Updated: 2014-10-27 19:35:47-0400BOO!!!BOO!!!


Shared with: Public, Vito Vizziato+1’d by: Killa Gaming, Joseph Cappellino, Vito Vizziato, Shamar Marshall, Keith Barrett, Master Decker, Karen Herman, the derek Fawcett, Ana Medina, Siva G, Bryan Foster, Troy Bernier, Jeanne Sutton, Kyla S, Rob M.Perry K – 2014-10-27 19:42:50-0400AHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ana Medina – 2014-10-27 20:08:15-0400haha that is awesome! Vito Vizziato – 2014-10-27 22:04:01-0400How’d you do thatKeith I Myers – 2014-10-28 05:12:28-0400+Vito Vizziato – http://g.co/halloweenifyGeorge Leon – 2014-10-28 17:58:07-0400Man that was a scary pic, thank goodness google cleaned it up a bit! ;-pFelix Monserrate – 2014-10-30 11:10:17-0400LOL…and that was before the skeleton shot

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