20141022 Pop Quiz Guess The Phone I Was Holdin

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-10-22 21:34:17-0400 – Updated: 2014-10-22 21:34:17-0400Pop quiz – Guess the phone I was holding in this photoPop quiz - Guess the phone I was holding in this photo

Pop quiz – Guess the phone I was holding in this photo

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Michael Hall, Kenji C, Corey Miecielica, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, MEIZU, BQ Educación+1’d by: Jeremiah N, Daniel Mery, David Wille, Matt CoddingtonKeith I Myers – 2014-10-22 21:40:41-0400+Kris Kitchen – The one in my handChristopher Ballenger – 2014-10-22 21:52:53-0400Nokia LumiaCorey Miecielica – 2014-10-22 21:54:51-0400Ubuntu Phone 😉Keith I Myers – 2014-10-22 22:02:17-0400+Corey M – cheater… oh wait, you were thereJonathan Muirhead – 2014-10-22 22:02:34-0400The unicorn…Bryan Owens – 2014-10-22 22:27:23-0400IPhone running android…hahahahaKeith I Myers – 2014-10-22 22:40:59-0400The Ubuntu EdgeMichael Hall – 2014-10-22 23:11:44-0400Trick question, it wasn’t actually a phone, just a manufacturing prototype (nothing inside but estimated weight)Keith I Myers – 2014-10-22 23:15:25-0400Ha! +Michael Hall hall busted me. It was what may have been a phone. Jonathan Muirhead – 2014-10-22 23:18:28-0400+Michael Hall +Keith I Myers hence my post. 😎Giridhar bavana – 2014-10-23 09:42:44-0400Samsung Galaxy BetaKenji C – 2014-10-23 10:30:11-0400Yeah I was going to say it looks like the Ubuntu phone. Too bad it didn’t go anywhere. I tried to back up that project. 🙁 Michael Hall – 2014-10-23 11:03:52-0400+Kenji Castro you’ll be able to buy a Ubuntu phone, from +bq and +MEIZU, just not this specific one we wanted to buildKenji C – 2014-10-23 11:05:07-0400+Michael Hall Very interesting, I’ll have to keep on eye on it. Thanks for the info!

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