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I am sure that many of my followers will recall that I made a promise to contribute $100.00 to fellow Glass Explorer +Shivian Morgan charity to raise money for the Childrens Medical Network, +Gaymers of the Four Stars  if he raised over $150 in donations. He had a goal of $200. Not only did he meet this goal but he blew it away. He also modified this goal to $1000.00.

As of today, I kept up my end of the deal and donated $100.00 plus an additional $50.00 due to his hard work bringing my total contribution to $150.

He still needs help to hit some of the stretch goals. If anyone can donate a few bucks to this cause, I am sure all of the Kids will greatly appreciate it. The donation process was VERY easy and it is worth noting that they take PayPal. The option to enter a custom amount is at the bottom. Even 5 bucks makes a difference but the more the merrier. Originally shared by Shivian MorganI’m on a mission to save kids and I need your help. On October 25th I’ll be participating in a 24hr gaming marathon to help raise money for children’s hospitals! Please consider donating to help make the compaign a success – http://goo.gl/rM5wQX – anything helps! It should be a blast, as I play games for a whole day and night alongside fellow members of the +Gaymers of the Four Stars, livecasting the whole event as we strive to hit our goal! Please do help out in any way you can, I need all of you if we hope to make this event a success!

Shivian Morgan

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