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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-09-10 17:43:44-0400 – Updated: 2014-09-10 17:43:44-0400I wish Hotels.com and other travel sites would raiting rooms on the “Keith Scale”. This is a simple scale that involves a 1-5 score on the following items.

1) WiFi Speed – Many hotels offer free and paid WiFi options but its often a shot in the dark when it comes to knowing how fast the WiFi is. Paid WiFi should NEVER score below a 3 on this. 
-A score of 5 is 10 MB/s down and 3 MB/s up or greater
-A score of 4 is between 7-10 MB/s down and 2 MB/s up
-A score of 3 is between 5-7 MB/s down and 1.5 MB/s up
-A score of 2 is between 2-5 MB/s down and 1 MB/s up
-A score of 1 is anything lower.
***Special Note – If any internet filtering software is in use that blocks Netflix, 2 should be subtracted from the score. If the score is already 1, it should be replaced with a 0. 

2) Number of Power Outlets – Geeks tend to travel with laptops, tablets and smart phones. Rooms should have an ample number of outlets open for their guests to use. They should be located near the tables and nightstands. Only savages charge their phones in the bathroom area. 

-A score of 5 means at least 4 grounded outlets are in range of the nightstand/table or beds
-A score of 4 means that only 2 grounded outlets are in range of the bed/table or nightstand
-A score of 3 means that only 2 non-grounded outlets are in range of the bed/nightstand ot table
-A score of 2 means that only 1 outlet is exposed to the user or all outlets are located in less than ideal locations
-A score of 1 means the guest must unplug lamps/clocks or move furniture to get to an outlet

***Special Note – 2 bonus points may be earned for hotels that have USB charging ports in the nightstand. 

Speedtest.net by Ookla – My Results

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