20140907 Turns Out Facebook Was Draining 40 Of

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-09-07 18:48:17-0400 – Updated: 2014-09-07 18:48:17-0400Turns out Facebook was draining 40% of my battery on my cell phone. This is from a program that I rarely use anyway. No big deal, uninstalled. Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Shane Fogleman, Hugh McVea, Jason Adams+1’d by: Ana Medina, the derek Fawcett, Robert WarrenHugh McVea – 2014-09-07 20:01:50-0400+Keith I Myers it’s got to be running so it can constantly upload your personal information to the Facebook servers. Facebook = Malware Keith I Myers – 2014-09-07 20:04:19-0400+Hugh McVea – I dont disagree with that. Sadly I use Facebook to keep up with a few groups that I am part of to know when our next meetups are. Hugh McVea – 2014-09-07 20:05:45-0400+Keith I Myers best to just use the Website version. Keith I Myers – 2014-09-07 20:08:42-0400Yup, thats what I am going to doJason Adams – 2014-09-07 20:10:55-0400You should see the warning message that pops up from my Note3 when you try to install the FB app. Biggest warning message I’ve ever seen. Hugh McVea – 2014-09-07 20:13:37-0400+Jason Adams yes that’s the standard Android permissions warning, the Facebook app is literally capable of taking over your phone. Wayne May – 2014-09-07 20:15:48-0400I saw the same thing happen on my phone, and did the same thing. I have need for their app.Shane Fogleman – 2014-09-07 20:57:25-0400I disabled my account almost a year ago and haven’t looked back. Hugh McVea – 2014-09-07 21:01:15-0400+Shane Fogleman you are a wise man. Vito Vizziato – 2014-09-07 21:58:58-0400That Facebook bullshit comes loaded on my office and I can’t uninstall it.

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