20140707 So… After A Painfully Long Day, I Fin

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-07-07 22:35:43-0400 – Updated: 2014-07-07 22:35:43-0400So… After a painfully long day, I finally got a about 10 minutes to sit down and play with my LG +Android wear watch. After owning several Smart Watches throughout the past 10 years , I needed a change.

Here is a bit of feedback based on my initial first impressions.

1)The build quality of the LG watch is actually quite impressive. The charging dock holds the watch firmly. I have a feeling that several Samsung users are cursing under their breath right now. I do wish the band was about a half an inch longer for us large wristed folks.

2) Unfortunately I am not a fan of anything with a proprietary charging system as I tend to travel quite a bit. I would love the option to purchase at least 2 extra charging docks (for my desk at the office and one for the road)

3) The platform is actually very stable and responsive. I actually expected more bugs.

4) The microphone is actually very sensitive and picks you up clearly, even in loud places.

5) The App selection is a bit minimal now but I expect this to change rapidly over the next few weeks.

6) Being a +Google Glass Explorer, I see several cool features that both platforms can borrow from each other. Both form factors are great and I will not put myself in a position to choose just one.

7) I would LOVE to see something similar to the Glass Mirror API on Android Wear

8) I am disappointed that there is not better integration with Google Plus or that wear cannot initiate a Hangout.

9) I would love to see a camera added to a future watch. I can see it having some use. Same with WiFi.

10) I wish I would be able to read complete emails on the watch (thus is useful if you spend a lot of time in meetings)

11) I believe that the Pedometer needs some work. It shows I did about 300 steps when in fact I was sitting down eating dinner. I just set the goal to a real high number to adjust.

12) The setup process was very simple and straight forward.

Overall, I am not disappointed and am liking the platform quite a lot. I have yet to test battery life to see how it holds up to what I would consider normal use. Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Google Glass, Android+1’d by: Karyn Koop, Ana Medina, Ram Aj, Relojo Asenime, Kyle Salewski, Jeffrey Young, Jen Vargas, Jeanne Sutton, Matt Coddington, Robert WarrenReshared by: Relojo AsenimeShane Fogleman – 2014-07-08 08:47:40-0400+Keith I Myers thanks for the input. I am on the edge as far as purchasing the g watch

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