20140628 Why Hasn T Ebola Been Eradicated Yet

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-06-28 01:48:09-0400 – Updated: 2014-06-28 01:48:09-0400Why hasn’t ebola been eradicated yet?

The virus has one of the highest mortality rates out of any virus. It is incredibly infectious, especially when you dont know you have it yet as symptoms dont show up for up to 3 weeks. Ebola’s symptoms make it one of the worst ways to die.

Imagine getting infected and knowing that you have a 90% chance of dying.  

–West Africa’s Ebola epidemic http://news.yahoo.com/ebola-control-west-africa-163439458.html –On the Bonus Show: France begs Parisians to lighten up with t…

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Shangori, Tom Stano, Polydynamix, Daniel Curry, kurtilein3+1’d by: Ashley Schmidt, cjdragon1988, TheDunningKrugerEffect, TurboDallyHugh McVea – 2014-06-28 02:04:34-0400+Keith I Myers it doesn’t bear thinking about, what a terrible way to die. Tom Stano – 2014-06-28 02:53:01-0400Only one virus has ever been eradicated that was small poxEmmittBrownBTTF1 – 2014-06-28 06:15:34-0400Primary source of infection is bush meat.kurtilein3 – 2014-06-28 06:54:11-0400ebola exists in wild monkey populations.

and these people keep eating them as bushmeat, they get infected when they cut themselves while cutting the monkey meat. this makes eradication really difficult.kurtilein3 – 2014-06-28 06:55:08-0400+no one
stupid conspiracy nut = obvious troll.Daniel Curry – 2014-06-28 07:24:21-0400+kurtilein3 Thats not conspiracy, its businesskurtilein3 – 2014-06-28 07:40:55-0400+Daniel Curry
nope its just not true. do you remember when the cellphone companies conspired to keep smartphones off the market and kept producing these phones that can basically only do phone calls, and then apple came along and screwed them over? oh, you dont remember? well thats because its not how it happened.Polydynamix – 2014-06-28 08:52:24-0400+no one You silly idiot. There’s no real money in treating a disease like small pox- the drug companies make their money off long term treatments like pain pills, anti-depressants, cancer treatments and insulin… things that are life long treatments.

Small pox, meningitis and other diseases are treated and it’s over. If you’re going to formulate a conspiracy theory you should probably include at least a shred of real life in your mostly pretend comment.Shangori – 2014-06-28 10:17:18-0400 – Updated: 2014-06-28 10:25:38-0400They are busy with one actually. It seems to protect against a version of the virus that can’t infect humans (yet :-P). Research is currently reaching the state that they are going to test if it also protects against the ‘real’ killer.

So perhaps in a few years we will have a vaccine. Problem remains, however, that not all vaccines protect you for life. I don’t have enough knowledge about ebola to know how quickly it evolves. So it might very well be only available whenever there is an outbreak for the people who aren’t sick yet and were in direct proximity to the sick person and the doctors themselves.tony lu – 2014-06-28 14:58:17-0400The worst part of this disease is, even if you survive, the virus stays in your semen (I’ve heard it was that, could be other fluids as well) for a period of time.dav3fk – 2014-06-28 15:35:06-0400Well, malaria could be eradicated by now, easily, if the US made it our national agenda. Instead, it’s kept at bay, but fought, so it’s getting very strong and impossible to kill with the traditional (or even the strong) medications….. it’ll make us all sorry in the long run, but for now, the free market says, make a lot of money, don’t cure shit, then you can’t sell the treatment. (like the health version of irrationally expanding our use and dependence on fossil fuels, instead of using them to supplement a renewable cure).vic ferg – 2014-06-28 17:02:21-0400+no one antibiotics can’t be used against virus so… nope.

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