20140626 I Am Cringing To Think That XDA Will Be

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-06-26 20:21:35-0400 – Updated: 2014-06-26 20:21:35-0400I am cringing to think that XDA will be flooded with half bakes Android L dirty ports for devices. I have no problem with source built ROMs but not ports of developer previews Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, John Scott+1’d by: Rob M., Will GodZson, Manuel Savino, Michael Moyer, Kyla S, Corey Miecielica, the derek Fawcett, Samantha MyersMaster Decker – 2014-06-26 20:22:53-0400I tried a “port,” once.  After the phone got warrantied, I never tried again.  It borked up my phone, even though it was a “port” for my exact model at the time.Corey Miecielica – 2014-06-26 20:30:37-0400Yup. It was like that for JB. Keith I Myers – 2014-06-26 20:33:01-0400+Kris Schnell – Especially when nothing worksMichael Moyer – 2014-06-26 21:07:37-0400I’m still trying to get it flashed onto my N7… Fastboot is failing meJohn Scott – 2014-06-27 11:41:37-0400I understand what your saying however this is the perfect time to get things like wifi , cell radio, Bluetooth, ect. Drivers Working on other devices, so when the full release comes out, they already have all that done. Let’s not forget it’s a place for development so threads aren’t made just for stable Roms, mostly their Dev threads trying to collaborate to get stuff done. As long as there’s the normal disclaimer saying it’s a Dev preview and you should only flash for Dev and testing purposes.Keith I Myers – 2014-06-27 11:44:49-0400+John Scott – I am all for experimenting however these things are easier to do when you have the source files. Without the source files you simply have a hack that may break at any time without warning. John Scott – 2014-06-27 12:03:00-0400+Keith I Myers very true, however allot of the time they don’t have the source for the kernel anyway. I remember for the DNA it was proprietary, they kept requesting it but to no avail

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