20140511 Another Reason To Drop Apple Maps

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-05-11 02:52:17-0400 – Updated: 2014-05-11 02:52:17-0400Another reason to drop Apple MapsOriginally shared by Yoni MayeriIs this what happens when you use Apple’s nav?

Car smashes through front of Apple store in Berkeley

Shared with: Public, Brad Hooper+1’d by: Daniel Romero, Susan Hall, Andrew Port, Michael Moyer, Matt Coddington, the1dynasty, Darren KentReshared by: Susan Hall, Manuel SavinoBrad Hooper – 2014-05-11 07:21:33-0400Another reason to read articles properly “The incident appears to be a deliberate smash-and-grab case as several items were stolen from the store, according to the Berkeley police.”Michael Moyer – 2014-05-11 09:22:32-0400Humor +Brad Hooper, humor

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