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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-04-24 19:50:02-0400 – Updated: 2014-04-24 19:50:02-0400I wish that +Forbes would stop publishing CRAP like this. They have been on an Anti-Glass rant lately and they are about 5 minutes away from loosing a reader for life.

From reading their last few posts, +Forbes simply does not get it. News outlets should be able to report things in a non-biased way and they have demonstrated a clear pattern of failure here.

Face the facts

– +Google Glass is NOT an iPhone and many of us like it that way. I could not give a flying f%=$ if Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave if he say the design of Glass.

– Stop comparing Google Glass to a iPhone. It is not an iPhone and the features of Glass clearly indicate that Glass was designed to COMPLIMENT A SMARTPHONE, NOT REPLACEMENTS IT. There are a lot of features that are better suited to a smartphone and are lacking on Glass and that is likely intentional.

– Do I sense a bit of an Apple Bias… Maybe an editor is a Apple Fanboy? Why do you never complain that Glass lacks Android features? Again, this is where it pays to be impartial.

– The opinion of a small number of Explorers DOES NOT speak to the overall opinion of the Glass Community. Simply reading the Glass Community, you would see that many Explorers are doing amazing things with Glass and even saving lives. Explorers are enjoying life and thriving with Glass.

– In regards to privacy, you fail to point out any real world examples of Glass actually being used to compromise someone’s privacy. There are countless stories of people using Digital Cameras and Smart Phones to record things that they should not. Find one example of Glass being used to do the same.


Shared with: Public, Google Glass, Forbes+1’d by: Craig Chamberlin, Michael Moyer, Alex Gonzalez, Shel FulmerMaster Decker – 2014-04-24 20:02:07-0400Forbes lost me a LONG time ago.  With their how iPhone is better than any Android phone.

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