20140316 Note To Self. Don T Ever Plan On A Qui

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-03-16 19:42:26-0400 – Updated: 2014-03-16 19:42:26-0400Note to self. Don’t ever plan on a “quick” trip to BestBuy while wearing +Google Glass. After the impromptu Demos, your lucky if you are in there for less then an hour.
Shared with: Public, Google Glass+1’d by: Adam Winkle, Pat Needham, Ana Medina, SUGAR XYLER !, Allen A, Jeanne Sutton, Josh Jett, Mike Flatow, Eric Chung, Bryan Foster, Chris Radtke, Justin Duino, Master Decker, Shel Fulmer, rick sare almost daily vlog, Karen Herman, Teri Centner, Gregg Lantz, Michael Moyer, Mike Ison, Virginia Poltrack, Will GodZson, the derek FawcettCourt Mejias – 2014-03-16 20:04:26-0400Lucky me a worker at the best buy I go to has Glass so everyone knows about it. Ana Medina – 2014-03-16 22:56:32-0400 That’s how I feel every time I go. I learned that “quick” trips mean don’t take glass

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