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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-03-02 13:33:13-0500 – Updated: 2014-03-02 13:33:13-0500Ok… I have officially found the best charger for my gadgets, and I have no shortage of those. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and it is amazing. It is simply the last charger you will ever need to buy. 

This beast will charge my Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Sony Z1 and Google Glass all at the same time and still have a port left over for charging my Limeade USB Battery Back or any other misc item I need to power up. It also puts out plenty of juice for charging the HP Chromebook 11. 

Finally, it travels quite well. If I am ever going to need to be out of the house for an extended period, the charger can simply slip into my backpack and actually take up less room than the chargers I normally carry. 

Amazon.com: Anker® 25W 5-Port USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger with 5-Foot Power Cord for Apple & Android Smartphones & Tablets and other USB-Powered Devices: Cell Phones & Accessories

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Un Lo, Josh Jett+1’d by: SUGAR XYLER !, Joe Evans, Shawn Joseph, Josh JettJosh Jett – 2014-03-02 13:42:08-0500Looks great. My charging station looks like spaghetti. Un Lo – 2014-03-02 13:44:00-0500This should hold you over till wireless charging standards become reality. Keith I Myers – 2014-03-02 13:48:14-0500+Josh Jett – Mine was the same way. I have been working hard to cut down the clutter over the past few weeks in my (tiny) bedroom. I currently have the Anker charger velcrowed in the back corner of a drawer of my nightstand (where I keep all of my gadgets when charging). The USB cables are ran through the back of each drawer . 

My nightstand has 4 drawers and I created the following layout. 

Drawer 1) Main Cell Phone and Google Glass
Drawer 2) Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
Drawer 3) LimeAde JuicePack/HP Chromebook/TV Remotes
Drawer 4) EmptyKeith I Myers – 2014-03-02 13:49:40-0500+Un Lo – Agreed and all devices support them. Wayne May – 2014-03-02 14:21:09-0500This, but with a USB Bus would be awesome. That way I can charge my devices on my test bed, and deploy apps them it at the same time.Josh Jett – 2014-03-02 16:42:35-0500+Keith I Myers I currently use a similar drawer system, but too much going on. I like your implementation. Keith I Myers – 2014-03-02 16:46:32-0500+Josh Jett – I want to build in foam rubber holders for each of the devices when I get some time.

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