20140302 Hey +Jason Salas I Know That Guam Is

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-03-02 02:06:16-0500 – Updated: 2014-03-02 02:06:16-0500Hey +Jason Salas – I know that Guam is keeping it’s eye out on some tropical storms. I have been working on some Glassware for Google Glass that gives you periodic cards with Tropical Storm activity. The application is in a private beta but you are more then welcome to give it a try.

The link is http://EyeFlame.net. Select Tropical Storm Notifications. Shared with: Keith I Myers, Jason Salas, Keith I Myers, Jason SalasJason Salas – 2014-03-02 03:22:42-0500Thanks much! This’ll work great for me in news. Thanks for reaching out! 🙂Keith I Myers – 2014-03-02 03:23:38-0500NP, good luckJason Salas – 2014-03-02 03:24:12-0500+Keith I Myers I’ll even do you one better – I’m finishing off a section for the book I’m writing about Glass on contextual wearable applications, so this fits perfectly in there as a case study.. 😉Keith I Myers – 2014-03-02 15:45:28-0500Key +Jason Salas, I see that a few alerts have gone out today and was wondering if you got them delivered to your Glass. Jason Salas – 2014-03-02 15:58:57-0500Yes indeed, +Keith I Myers! I got one 5 hours ago right after midnight and i just woke up been because we in the newsroom are tracking it anyway, I pinned it and saw the chronological bundle. Awesome Glassware!Keith I Myers – 2014-03-02 16:23:12-0500Glad to hear. Good Luck with that storm

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