20140220 Hmm… Project Tango + +Google Glass..

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-02-20 23:38:06-0500 – Updated: 2014-02-20 23:38:06-0500Hmm… Project Tango + +Google Glass

Say hello to Project Tango!

Shared with: Public, Google Glass, timothytt547, inyazserg Sergey Larin+1’d by: Gregg Lantz, Bryan Foster, inyazserg Sergey Larin, timothytt547, John, Levi Thompson, Alex Gonzalez, Gigax 264, Jason Krugertimothytt547 – 2014-02-21 01:09:26-0500inb4 Google turns into the Matrix, building a virtual world around us while the real world gets fucked overYokhen – 2014-02-21 01:13:38-0500+timothytt547 Everything so far only indicates Augmented reality, but I’d love myself some virtual reality.inyazserg Sergey Larin – 2014-02-21 01:14:13-0500Scanning naked women and creating virtual worlds where you can use costumes which give tactile feeling. When will they create devices that can not only scan, photograph, but also let you feel things with your skin? There is fiber used for artifial ”muscles” contructions. Why not to create a costume with this fiber to make the fiber contract and let people feel touches with their skin?timothytt547 – 2014-02-21 01:24:19-0500+inyazserg Sergey Larin I think they tried to do that with Oculus Rift, they had this whole sex-change thing. The video is on Vimeo somewhere, just Google it up.inyazserg Sergey Larin – 2014-02-21 02:10:14-0500+timothytt547
It seems very intriguing, but I`d like to have one more thing added to it – the costume which would generate tactile feelings, i.e. touches, pressure. I mean, I`d like to skype and have a handshake with the person with a person from over the ocean. I mean precise translation of pressure from one point on the Earth to another. Say, I`d like to feel what someone feels laying on the grass in Brazil, far from me, and I want the same feeling I`d feel if I laid on that very grass. It`s like, say, touching your hand with a pencil and then telling your partner to touch themselves with the same pencil. OK, it`s simple, you can make it.Now, how about transferring 3 thousand pencils touching one`s skin? I`m talking about a costume which would have the ability to create pressure and thus let  us feel what presses against our partners costume. Let`s say, I would touch my stomach with my hand. I want my partner to wear the costume and feel the same pressure I put on my stomach. The same force and maybe, temperature. That would be real virtual love making.

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