20140202 Hello +Bryan Foster and +Callista Foste

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-02-02 01:35:31-0500 – Updated: 2014-02-02 01:35:31-0500Hello +Bryan Foster and +Callista Foster – Just wanted to check in and make sure that you got home without issue. I am sorry for what happened tonight and will try my best to make sure Bruce gets some help.Shared with: Keith I Myers, Callista Foster, Bryan Foster, Callista Foster, Bryan FosterBryan Foster – 2014-02-02 02:26:47-0500Thanks Keith. We made it home fine. Yeah, it’s a shame how an otherwise fantastic event ended. We’ll be praying for Bruce and hoping he gets the help he needs. I really like Bruce and it pained me to see him like that. I also noticed he canceled the event and subsequently the photos attached are gone. Its a shame because we had some really good photos there. Let me know if you guys need anything. BTW…is the swamp tour still on for tomorrow? Chara hasn’t contacted me with any details yet.

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