20140114 Woah… +Sprint is Taking A Jab At +T M

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-01-14 17:00:56-0500 – Updated: 2014-01-14 17:00:56-0500Woah… +Sprint is taking a Jab at +T-Mobile . I better grab some popcorn. This is gonna be good. Originally shared by SprintEarly Termination Fees? That’s so not #Framily. http://sprint.co/1aBWwu2Early Termination Fees? That's so not #Framily. http://sprint.co/1aBWwu2

Early Termination Fees? That’s so not #Framily. http://sprint.co/1aBWwu2

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, T-Mobile, Sprint, Shane Fogleman, Travis Abernathy, Master Decker, , Bert Fentress+1’d by: Craig Chamberlin, Ana MedinaT-Mobile – 2014-01-14 17:08:26-0500Hello again +Keith I Myers 😉 Sprint’s new ‘Framily’ plan is a lot of work for little to no benefit to customers while T-Mobile continues to be the Un-carrier for all. Un-leash with our Contract Freedom for Families, JUMP!, and Simple Choice plans! -LeahShane Fogleman – 2014-01-14 17:14:17-0500+Keith I Myers sounds like a bunch of crap. I switched my entire family to +T-Mobile and could not be happier. Jeff Trocchio – 2014-01-14 17:17:14-0500I don’t see this as a chance to gain, but maybe keep their customers. That’s all it is. Master Decker – 2014-01-14 17:17:25-0500 – Updated: 2014-01-14 17:19:05-0500+T-Mobile 2 things keep me from switching, #1 My family is on the grandfathered in unlimited Data plan with AT&T, and #2 (this is the more important aspect.)  T-Mobile doesn’t exist in Alaska.

When I played Ingress, I would hit around 10G in a week.  Of course after hitting the 5G mark I would get throttled down to near nothing, and have to reset my accounts so that I could get my emails again.T-Mobile – 2014-01-14 17:26:11-0500+Sean Sherburne, we appreciate you giving it the consideration!  We know coverage is the most important aspect and we’re always open to hear where our customers feel we could improve, please sign up here http://www.t-mobile-takeaction.com/ so we can find out more! -LeahMaster Decker – 2014-01-14 17:34:35-0500+T-Mobile I’ve done that a couple times over the past couple years.  Especially recently after my wife was called a stupid B*t*h by +AT&T Wireless ‘s insurance replacement company.

YEP we are planning a move and SOON.Bert Fentress – 2014-01-14 18:33:25-0500+Shane Fogleman what plan do you have with the family? I have two lines with #sprint. We share 1500 min which we never go over. The catch is we both need unlimited data. The wife is interested in switching but I want to see what +T-Mobile plans are. Shane Fogleman – 2014-01-14 18:54:42-0500+Bert Fentress I have 3 lines and pay 120 a month. The plan consists of unlimited talk and text as well as 2.5 GB of data for each line. I have never had any problems with going over and if you go over you don’t get charged. If you are interested let me know I have someone I can refer you to. Travis Abernathy – 2014-01-14 20:26:39-0500 – Updated: 2014-01-14 20:26:56-0500The T-Mobile unlimited 70.00 plan is the best deal in the US. I used over 50gbs in 30 days. It also comes with 2.5gbs of free hot spot for tethering. Master Decker – 2014-01-14 20:27:54-0500+Travis Abernathy That’s $10.00 above what I pay already for 2 phones.Travis Abernathy – 2014-01-14 21:44:56-0500If you have 2 lines for 60.00 with AT&T. Why would you leave? Thats an incredible price point. What plan do you have?

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