20131213 Good Morning All, I Am Looking To Form

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2013-12-13 18:07:10-0500 – Updated: 2013-12-13 18:07:10-0500Good Morning All,
I am looking to form a team of 2-3 developers to work together on creating some new Glassware. Think of it as a partnership. I am a PHP coder by nature however the applications that I have in mind may require the use of the GDK.

This is currently a volunteer based team however once Google opens up monetization options, this will surely change.   

What I can bring to the table:
-PHP/Backend Coding
-Servers (I own and colocate multiple dedicated servers)
-Project Management

If you are interested, please shoot me an email at KeithIokepaMyers@GMail.com.Shared to the community Glass Explorers – Public+1’d by: Timothy Welles, Ana Medina, Chris VukinTimothy Welles – 2013-12-13 23:35:47-0500Sounds like fun though I have no clue how to program that stuff. Good luck!Andreas Erben – 2013-12-14 07:46:32-0500Go for a cloud backend right away.

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