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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2013-10-31 21:24:40-0400 – Updated: 2013-10-31 21:24:40-0400My name is +Keith I Myers and I approve this messageOriginally shared by Russell HollyI wear Glass every time I leave the house. I enjoy using it when I drive especially. Everyone I know locally is aware of the technology and, for the most part, don’t ask too many questions about it anymore. Tonight, no less than nine people stopped to ask me either if I drive while wearing Glass or if I had ever gotten a ticket while wearing Glass. Nine people over the course of four hours, two of which were spent trick or treating with my kids.

I’m so glad that the national conversation regarding this technology has shifted overnight as a result of a single moment that was essentially a non-issue to begin with. I haven’t had a lot to say publicly about this because it wasn’t actually important. One person had an incident as a result of breaking the law, in a situation where only she and the officer actually know what really happened, and suddenly it’s global news because of the context it was forced into and the hype it received from some Silicon Valley folk who breathtakingly lived up to the stereotypes that are so commonly applied.

Just imagine what we could have accomplished if all that energy had been applied to something that actually mattered. Instead, we have #freececelia (Seriously? She got a speeding ticket. She’s not in chains being whipped for her imagined wrongdoings. Get over yourselves.) and a pile of evidence a mile high that most people really don’t understand this technology yet, not that we should expect them to mind you. Instead of educating and explaining we insulate and argue, turning an opportunity to change minds into a flame war that results in further animosity towards “Glassholes who think they are better than everyone”.

Good job everyone. Good Teamwork.

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