20131012 As I Can Only Use 1 Kit Kat Code, I Tho

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2013-10-12 15:19:30-0400 – Updated: 2013-10-12 15:19:30-0400As I can only use 1 Kit Kat code, I thought I would put these out there. If you win the Nexus 7, we need to have a talk 🙂

7X3Q-CCTF-WJFPShared with: Public+1’d by: Kevin Wu, Ram Aj, Dylon SmithReshared by: Fabian MitschangDylon Smith – 2013-10-12 15:29:57-0400thank you sir i just won $5Corey Miecielica – 2013-10-12 15:37:02-0400Why can you only use 1? I thought you could use 1 code per day no?Keith I Myers – 2013-10-12 15:45:00-0400No, just 1 winning entry in total (My Prize was another KitKat bar….)Alexander Maxham – 2013-10-12 15:46:13-0400Some prize huh?Dylon Smith – 2013-10-12 15:46:47-0400I used the first code by the way so u can maybe remove it ..this is unavailable in my country so u don’t know how happy I amKeith I Myers – 2013-10-12 15:51:04-0400I will post another shortly..

No, I did not eat 5 KitKat bars in a day, rather 4 in a 10 day period.Martijn Kuenen – 2013-10-12 16:43:00-0400That’s a cool gesture 🙂

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