20130919 Really Come On Tim… Apple Stopped

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2013-09-19 14:50:30-0400 – Updated: 2013-09-19 14:50:30-0400Really??? Come on Tim… Apple stopped innovating years ago. These incremental iPhone upgrades are starting to upset your userbase. 

Tim Cook says Nokia died because it didn’t innovate, Microsoft now copying Apple’s strategy

Shared with: Public+1’d by: Robert WarrenRob M. – 2013-09-19 15:12:00-0400I can’t picture myself using an Iphone, but I think a healthy competitor in Apple form is good for the rest of us. I think the grasping at straws tactic of slamming the competition tells me that they don’t currently have any fresh ideas. Tim Cook probably hasn’t left the sweaty, nervous, insecure state he was in since the IP5 launch…

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