20130914 Woah, I Wonder Who S Office This Is +

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2013-09-14 01:00:59-0400 – Updated: 2013-09-14 01:00:59-0400Woah, I wonder who’s office this is?

+Karen Herman , Have you seen this before?#throughglass


Shared with: Public, Karen Herman+1’d by: Kristoffer Rath Hansen, Cory McNutt, DroidRun, Wilfredo Lassalle, Karen Herman, Chara Kelley, Bryan FosterKeith I Myers – 2013-09-14 01:04:03-0400And yes, I did take this at Midnight, Don’t askKaren Herman – 2013-09-14 07:42:33-0400 – Updated: 2013-09-14 07:48:22-0400Yep, know that office very well! Am very curious what was going on at Midnight and have to ask around…unless you ‘fess up 🙂Keith I Myers – 2013-09-14 07:48:59-0400Just me working late on a server migration. I figured I would do it there so I don’t have the destractions of homeKaren Herman – 2013-09-14 07:52:22-0400Cool. Come by during a weekday so I can introduce you around and show you some work in progress. 

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