20130828 OK, I Have Officially Found The Best Ca

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2013-08-28 12:34:28-0400 – Updated: 2013-08-28 12:53:20-0400OK, I have officially found the best case ever for Google Glass. The case has holes in the foam that have been cut to allow Glass to fit securely and give extra support around the battery area. There are also holes to allow the nosepads to not be crushed and a hole to prevent accidental camera discharges.

The case is very rigid and should withstand a heavy beating if needed. It has a plastic shell lined with vinyl cloth which allows it to stand up to the elements. It is also very lightweight and can slip into a backpack without damaging Glass.

I am going to add a 5,000 mAh USB Battery Pack into this case for easy charging when Glass is in the case along with an extra USB cable and the Glass AC Brick. I may also cut out a slot for my phone.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageShared to the community Glass Explorers – Public+1’d by: Robert Hamilton, Elynn Lee, Ignacy Nowakowski, Christopher Chavez, Vibhor Mittal, Fred Davis, Misha M.-Kupriyanov, Daniel Fontaine, Josh Wilson, Riley GarrettReshared by: Arapahoe Libraries, Keith I MyersRiley Garrett – 2013-08-28 12:42:25-0400do you have a link?Keith I Myers – 2013-08-28 12:48:32-0400+Riley Garrett – Of course I do but you are going to need to pay for it. Please send cash to… nevermind, here you go – http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=18032606Riley Garrett – 2013-08-28 12:52:55-0400haha thanks! Can’t believe I never thought of a pistol case. What kind of material is the outside made of?Keith I Myers – 2013-08-28 12:54:19-0400+Riley Garrett – Vinyl from the feel of it. It should be pretty hard to cut through. Keith I Myers – 2013-08-28 12:56:36-0400+john edwards – It is very rigid but has a tiny bit of give. It should be almost impossible to crush the contents under normal use.  Rob Rusher – 2013-08-28 13:16:56-0400Seems like overkill, don’t you think? They are pretty durable.Keith I Myers – 2013-08-28 13:17:56-0400+Rob Rusher – It is likely not a good idea to put your Glass in a backpack without something like this. Sean Riley – 2013-08-28 13:27:08-0400+Rob Rusher they aren’t terribly durable when they are exposed. The touchpad section can snap pretty easily.Keith I Myers – 2013-08-28 14:05:56-0400I just added a slot for the Charging Brick and a retractable MicroUSB cable – https://plus.google.com/111318370678852884742/posts/ZKELu9LSwfX

Now to get a battery pack and complete the wiring of a male MicroUSB output under the foam to allow Glass to charge whenever in the case. The USB cable should also help to stabilize Glass even further. Sara Hunt – 2013-08-28 16:19:23-0400Easy home made recipe =)Keith I Myers – 2013-08-28 16:20:52-0400Agreed +Sara Stankovic and with a sub $30.00 pricetag, it is an inexpensive way to protect your $1600 investment. Robert Hamilton – 2013-08-28 19:36:08-0400 Start cranking them out. Stockpile them in your garage. When Glass is released put them on ebay for $129.00. You will make a fortune. I’ll take two!

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