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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2013-08-24 19:59:02-0400 – Updated: 2013-08-24 19:59:02-0400#throughglass#throughglass


Shared with: Public, Alan Birstok+1’d by: Jobe Wright, Bruce Burke, Jen Vargas, Leticia Bottazzi, Julee King, steph lake, Corey Miecielica, Maarten Edgar, Shauna Mork, Wilfredo LassalleMaarten Edgar – 2013-08-24 20:22:10-0400Now THAT is funny: )Maarten Edgar – 2013-08-24 20:26:15-0400 – Updated: 2013-08-24 20:26:28-0400PS, are you playing Ingress now? The one before last Oppo beta rom (not the 4.2 one) had some trouble with the gps cutting out when ingame, so I had to continuously go to gMaps or any gps status app to get my correct location. Quite irritating…Wayne May – 2013-08-24 21:49:39-0400I am in the movie theater to see that RIGHT now!Keith I Myers – 2013-08-25 11:35:02-0400Hey +Alan Birstok – See what you did?Alan Birstok – 2013-08-25 11:39:13-0400Noooooo! Keith I Myers – 2013-08-25 11:49:22-0400As you all can tell from +Alan Birstok ‘s enthusiastic look, you can see just how much of an Apple Fanboy he really is. He stood in line for 4 hours on opening day to see the movie and purchased the official poster on eBay for $200.00

(See Alan, Told you this would be turned around)Alan Birstok – 2013-08-25 11:52:33-0400Oh that’s low. I wish I could -1 that comment. Keith I Myers – 2013-08-25 15:00:38-0400+Alan Birstok – As spoken by a true Apple fanboy

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