20130821 What Sorcery Is This

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2013-08-21 20:00:40-0400 – Updated: 2013-08-21 20:00:40-0400What sorcery is this?What sorcery is this?

What sorcery is this?

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Jeremy Ellwood+1’d by: Julee King, John Knox, Maire K, Eddie Daniels, Samantha Myers, Corey Miecielica, Paul Bennett, Master DeckerMaster Decker – 2013-08-21 20:02:28-0400Southern Style?Keith I Myers – 2013-08-21 20:03:49-0400No, its creamed corn that looks like normal cornMaster Decker – 2013-08-21 20:08:51-0400Just think of the fun things a person could do with a bunch of those. +Keith I Myers Hacking portals…..Being followed by Smurfs.  Drop a McKenzies Golden Creamed Corn grenade, and watch those buggers pop.Master Decker – 2013-08-21 20:18:21-0400+Jeremy Ellwood What FUN things can you come up with for these?Jeremy Ellwood – 2013-08-21 20:21:45-0400Umm.. 2″aerial bombs?Master Decker – 2013-08-21 20:27:35-0400I was thinking M80 placed neatly inside, longer fuse.  Head into a highly smurf populated area, blow up some portals to get their attention, once they are on the scene, light, and continue on your way down blowing up portals while the smurfs get their whole corned.  😀Jeremy Ellwood – 2013-08-21 20:32:58-0400I was thinking M300s.Jeremy Ellwood – 2013-08-21 20:33:05-0400I have some.Master Decker – 2013-08-21 20:37:47-0400DO they sell them at Krogers?Jeremy Ellwood – 2013-08-21 20:38:56-0400Umm. I can’t tell you where I got them. Love ya and shit, but you’re on your own here.Master Decker – 2013-08-21 20:51:44-0400FINE, you pilot, I’ll be bomber.  Then go find us a portalyst.  Jeremy Ellwood – 2013-08-21 21:44:06-0400Done.

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