20130815 There Is No Amount Of Caffeine On Earth

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2013-08-15 14:59:15-0400 – Updated: 2013-08-15 14:59:15-0400There is no amount of Caffeine on Earth to get me through this week.Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers+1’d by: Homer Gaines, Bryan FosterRob M. – 2013-08-15 15:00:32-0400The end is nigh.

It’s Thursday I think!Keith I Myers – 2013-08-15 15:01:30-0400Not good enoughMaster Decker – 2013-08-15 16:40:44-0400I have Bacon +Keith I Myers Moose Bacon to be exact.Terri Infeld-Toruno – 2013-08-15 18:48:55-0400well day is over and now we only have Friday to deal with!! (more coffee please!!) 🙂

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