20130814 I Just Unloaded My Camera And Glass Ont

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2013-08-14 09:44:22-0400 – Updated: 2013-08-14 09:44:22-0400I just unloaded my camera and glass onto the #xdadevcon13  event pageOriginally shared by xda-developersFor the last 10 years, XDA-Developers has been a central pillar in the world of mobile device development. What started as a shared idea of a few enthusiasts, hackers, and developers, has evolved into a massive online community with members and developers from across the globe. Despite the size of our community, our ethos still stands strong: to advance the technology we use by means of research and collaboration.

XDA:DevCon is all this but taken a step further by tearing down the virtual walls and closing the distances that separate our community members from each other. The main objective of the conference is very simple: to take what we normally do in our forum and bring it live to maximize the experience and to learn from the very best. Most importantly, we aim to do it while having fun, just like the hobby this is meant to be. We’ll learn, laugh and have fun in the true spirit of XDA – collaboration.

Join us in honor of our Tenth Anniversary at our first Developer Conference – for developers by developers.Shared with: Public

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