KADB – [TOOL] Native ADB and Fastboot Flashable Zip

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KADB - [TOOL] Native ADB and Fastboot Flashable Zip

WARNING :: This tool is currently un-maintained so use at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any damage that can be caused by the use of this tool. This tool was last updated on December 6th of 2012 and as such is not supported on several newer devices. This download is only for archival purposes but you are free to use it as you wish.

Hello All,
I have taken the liberty of re-packaging the adb binary and fastboot binaries so they will work naively on Android into a flashable zip file. With these tools, you can theoretically use your Android device (plus a USB OTG Cable) to connect to another Android Device. If your device has a native USB port (such as the ASUS Transformers), it will work as well.

As not to conflict with the official adb in /system/bin (which does not work the same way), I renamed these to "kadb" and "kfastboot". You just need to supply your own Terminal Emulator (such as connectbot) to use.

Example Uses

1) Unlock a bootloader on a Nexus device (erases all data on the target device)
kfastboot oem unlock

2) Lock a bootloader
kfastboot oem lock

3) Boot a recovery
kfastboot boot /sdcard/path/to/recovery.img

4) Flash a recovery
kfastboot flash recovery /sdcard/path/to/recovery.img

5) Reboot into the bootloader
kadb reboot bootloader

6) Shell
kadb shell

7) Reboot into recovery
kadb reboot recovery

8) logcat
kadb logcat

9) Sideload an APK file
kadb install /sdcard/path/to/APK.APK

10) Push a file
kadb push /sdcard/path/to/file /sdcard/path/to/destination

Please remember that these are taking place on the remote device connected via USB. Most, if not ALL ADB commands are supported. You can even modify most linux based one-click root methods (by changing all "adb" references to "kadb" and "fastboot" with "kfastboot") and run them via shell. Its also perfect for remote debugging of embedded Android Systems. Hell, the uses are endless!

Installation Instructions
Note : You do not need to be rooted, you do however need a custom recovery or temp boot a custom recovery.
1) Flash the attached Zip File via any Recovery such as CWM or TWRP
2) Reboot and install a Terminal Emulator, if using ConnectBot, you should choose the "local" option.
3) Connect a device and test

This should support any ARM based device, so far I have tested it on my ASUS Nexus 7 and ASUS Transformer 700 (Stock/Rooted)

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