iPad Log Day 3 : That Battery!

Day 3 of my 2 week iPad Experiment is nearly over and I actually do not have anything too bad to say as I have spent the weekend performing a few lightweight tasks with the iPad and I have officially found a redeeming feature… I have been going on 32 hours on the same charge and still have over 60% left on the battery gauge. 

EVT_batteriesI love Android but I will be one of the first to admit that the battery live on my various Android Devices is not always the best. My normal daily driver (the Nvidia Shield LTE) needs a charge every 24 hours, even if the tablet has been in standby all day. The fact that the iPad can remain in my backpack for 8 hours on standby for several hours and the battery only drops by two or three percent points is quite refreshing.

With all of these accolades, there is a massive ping elephant in the room, the proprietary “Lightning Cable”. I carry A LOT of cables in My Backpack and am starting to run out of space. Furthermore, I normally like to carry several cables in my backpack and keep a duplicate set of cables at home, in my car and at work. This means I would need 4 Lightning Cables to match my same setup for MicroUSB cables. With “Apple Certified” cables averaging $10.00 each on Amazon, I could be spending an additional $30.00 to have a basic set of cables. It is possible to get a 3 pack of non-certified cables for $10.00 on Amazon but I have been warned that these may be rejected by Apple in a future update as they have done in the past. MicroUSB cables however just work, hopefully this changes when USB Type C becomes a standard across the board.

Pros and Cons

Pro Con
  • The Battery Live on the iPad is actually impressing me
  • I hate proprietary cables… but at least it is reversible.

Fate of the iPad

The iPad is currently safe on a corner of my desk with a ring of salt surrounding it to prevent evil spirits from escaping.

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