Tutorial : Backup your Chrome OS Crostini Container to a remote server

I have been contacted by serveral readers and seen countless posts on reddit from users who have been forced to powerwash their devices after a unstable “Dev” update to their Chromebook. While I do not recommend that users who demand stability use the “Dev” channel, I do understand why they do as it offers a lot of features that allow a Chromebook to replace their primary machine. I am a firm believer in a saying that says “If it is not backed up, you must not care about it”. As Google does not yet offer a way to backup your device, allow me to show you a simple way to do this via rsync and a remote server.

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Tips for Preparing for Hurricanes

I have lived in South Florida for almost 15 years and have seen my fair share of hurricanes. With the devastation that happened in Texas last week from hurricane Harvey and the imminent threat from Hurricane Irma, I wanted to do a write up on the steps I personally take to prepare for Hurricanes. I perform all of these steps prior to boarding up my windows.

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