Beta Testers Needed : eProxy E-Mail

I am looking for a few people to help test something I have been working on for the past few months. Please read this post in full before contacting me. I am still (10-20) working on the platform but I want to get it out to a few alpha testers. The platform is stable but there are still some features I am working on that I want to get in prior to launch. I have been routing all of my personal email through this for the past 5 months with no issue.

Here is a bit of background on the service. As you all know, websites are getting hacked at an incredible rate and your email addresses are constantly dumped from the databases of these websites and sold to spammers for fractions of a penny. There are also a large number of websites and services that sell your email address to “Partners” for marketing purposes.

My new service was designed to make these scenarios a thing of the past by giving users a way to generate unique email addresses, or “eProxy Address”, that are given to each website you are a member of. All of these unique email addresses are forwarded to your existing email box so nothing changes for you.

In the event that a website that you are a member of gets compromised, you simply generate a new eProxy email address and update it in the website (along with your password). You can then revoke the old eProxy email address which essentially makes it useless. If you accidentally terminate the wrong email address, you can restore them from within the website.

In order to qualify for this beta, you will need to meet the following requirements

  • You must use a Password Manager of your choice
  • You must be a member of at least 20 websites
  • You must be able to provide feedback via email

If you are selected for this BETA, you will get at least 5 years of free service

If you feel that you are a fit for this program, please contact me via the Contact Form.

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