Chrome Remote Desktop On Ubuntu 20.04 Setup Guide/Setup Script

Chrome Remote Desktop is a excellent tool to allow you to access your computer’s desktop remotely. If you are a MacOS or Windows user, the installation of Chrome Remote Desktop is reliability easy  but if you are a Linux user, there are a few extra steps you will need to follow to allow your computer to be accessed remotely. There are several tutorials on the internet to assist with this but many are outdated and no longer work. I decided to update the guide to allow it to work properly on Ubuntu 20.04 (and beyond), to make it easier, I even scripted out the hard parts to automate the installation. Here are the steps.

If you run into any problems, please post your issue in this troubleshooting thread and I will be more than happy to assist in getting this working –

Install Chrome

If you do not already have Google Chrome installed, you will need to install it before you can install Chrome Remote Desktop from

Install Chrome Remote Desktop

You can grab the source code from my GitHub Account or simply run it by running

cd ~/

sudo apt install -y wget && bash <(wget -qO-;

You will need to reboot your machine once the installation has completed and before continuing to the next step.

Configuring Chrome Remote Desktop

After you rebooted your computer, you can now configure your computer for remote access

Open the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension by clicking on and select “Add to Chrome”. This will take a few moments to install.

Next, Open the following URL to launch the Chrome Remote Desktop Web Application

Select “Turn On” under Setup Remote Access

Enter a friendly name for your computer

Enter a 6 (or more) digit pin code that will need to be entered to access your computer

That’s it, you can now access your computer by visiting  on any computer or Chromebook running the Chrome (or Chromium) browser. If you wish to use a Android or iOS device, you can download the “Chrome Remote Desktop” application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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19 thoughts on “Chrome Remote Desktop On Ubuntu 20.04 Setup Guide/Setup Script”

  1. “Next, Open the following URL to launch the Chrome Remote Desktop Web Application” – this does not show me the TURN ON button under Setup Remote Access . It shows me “Set up another device for remote access” screen with the 4 steps. However this tutorial worked in my WIndows PC. But I have spend hours to set it up in Ubuntu 20.04- still no luck.
    Any idea?

  2. Thanks for doing this! However, mine is also showing the “Set up another device for remote access,” I’m not seeing the “Turn On” option. Any thoughts?

  3. I get this:
    Set up remote access
    Chrome Remote Desktop is being installed on your computer. Please wait for the installer to open and then follow its instructions.
    Hmm…this is taking a while. Check to see if the installer is waiting for you to respond. You can try waiting a little longer, or restart the installer from the status bar or Downloads folder.
    It seems like its getting hung during install. Ubuntu 20.04 server, on mac mini hardware.

  4. When I try to “Turn On” it allows me to do everything. I add my PIN and as soon as I try clicking START it says
    “No response will be received since the channel is disconnected.”

  5. Keith,
    You are my hero. I just wasted an hour failing to do this, you demolished my problem like a giant, beautiful sledgehammer. Thank you for sharing this!
    -Michael from Boston

  6. Alas,

    I had it installed, followed your instructions to all detail.
    $ dpkg -l | grep emote
    ii chrome-remote-desktop 96.0.4664.9 amd64 Chrome Remote Desktop Beta
    on 20.04

    I had the extension added successfully, it shows up under Extensions.

    And yet, under

    I still get “Set up remote access” yadayadayada.
    And when I click on “Accept & Install”, it does install again, asking for password, opens a terminal, shows the installation, shows ‘done’.

    Followed by
    “Hmm… this is taking a while. Check to see if the installer is waiting for you to respond. You can try waiting a little longer, or restart the installer from the status bar or Downloads folder.”
    I have tried all, reboots, waiting. Gone through the same process half a dozen of times, and always with this same result of “Hmm …”

    There is no “Turn On” appearing, alas.

    What is wrong here?

  7. Hi, I follow this tutorial, but now I have 2 displays.
    If I open the folder and terminal it will appear on the main PC instead of the PC that I used for the remote.
    How to fix this? Thanks

  8. Hello,

    Installing this in Ubuntu 22.04 nearly I ruined my server. In the time I installed it, the terminal was not opening and I restart the computer, but then it was not displaying nothing anymore, just errors.

    Through the secure mode I could enter to my session with the terminal and when I uninstalled the application, I restart it and it was working.

    It has taken me 2 days to fix it. And now I still do not have remote connection.

    Wish you could fix this problem


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