PSA – All Google Home Units Having Issues This Morning

Update : Resolved (At least for me)

If you are like me and use your Trusty Google Home as a alarm to wake up every morning, you may be a bit late to work today as all Google Home Minis, Google Home and Google Home Max units are currently having major issues today. Most of my units are giving a generic “Something went wrong” error when saying “Ok Google” and others are acting as if it was factory reset. Here is a video of one of mine

From checking DownDetector, it appears that this is a massive outage that started within the hour. Google Assistant does still work on Phones/Tablets and the Pixelbook. I will monitor and update this post as I learn more.

Update 08:00 AM – Google is aware of the issue and are working on a fix –

Update : 08:45 AM – Issue Resolved? My collection of Google Home units have started to respond normally again.

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