A New Beginning

I have owned http://KMyers.me for a few years ago however I can honestly say that aside from a simple landing page, it was a ghost town that was lacking content. After realizing this a few weeks ago, I decided to jump into action to give the website a much needed overhaul.

Starting today, aside from being my personal homepage, I will be launching my personal blog at http://KMyers.me/blog/ and keep it updated with various things that I am involved with. This will include things such as Google Glass, Open Sourced Technology, Wearable Tech, South Florida Tech and various other topics. I will be making a commitment to add new content at least once a week.

Please give me a few days to migrate all of the content that was on the old site over to the new site. The old site was built using a custom CMS and this new one is a bit more standardized.

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