ChromeOS 75.0.3761.0 Rolling out to the Dev Channel – Enables Crostini USB by default and Minor refinements

Heads up all ChromeOS users on the Dev channel, Google is currently rolling out ChromeOS 75.0.3761.0 to your devices. After performing a quick backup of Crostini, I took some time to install the update and find out what changed – it seems that it is not much. It is important to backup your “Downloads” folder as many items were deleted after the installation.

Minor Changes

  • All references to “Google INC” have been changed to “Google LLC” on the settings and about menu.
  • Complimented a change to only show the interface to share USB devices with your Linux container only when the container is running. Per the notes, it looks like Google will re-work this “if other operating systems are ever supported”
  • Crostini USB is now enabled by default – you will still need to manually enable support for “unsupported devices” if you want to pass anything aside from Android devices to Crostini
  • Changed several refrences from “termina” to “plugin-vm” in several locations in the ChromeOS file manager. This is a behind the scene change but lays the groundwork to potentially support other operating systems in the future.
  • Implement initial framework for a future cellular setup – could this mean we may finally see a proper unlocked 4G/5G ChromeOS device in the future?
  • Ability to drag Chrome tabs to a new window on devices in Tablet Mode


  • Sadly the Google Assistant Button is still broken on the Pixelbook
  • All but one file in my Downloads folder have been deleted after installing the update.


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