ChromeOS 75.0.3759.4 Rolling out to the Dev Channel – Backup your Crostini Instance Before Rebooting if you Enable the GPU

ChromeOS 75.0.3759.4 is currently being rolled out to users in the dev channel. Unfortunately if you have chosen to enable the GPU, your Crostini instance may no longer function. You may get the following error message when launching Termina via crosh

Error: routine at frontends/ `vm_start(vm_name,user_id_hash,matches.opt_present("enable-gpu"))`

Fortunately this can be fixed by disabling Crostini and re-creating the container. You can then restore a backup if you happen to have one from before the update. Here are the steps to backup your container, install the update and restore the container

  1. Enable the “Crostini Backup” Flag – chrome://flags/#crostini-backup and choose Restart
  2. Open chrome://settings/crostini/exportImport and select “Backup” followed by Save. I highly advise saving this on a external drive in case something goes wrong
  3. Perform the ChromeOS update and Reboot
  4. Attempt to launch the Linux Terminal – If it fails, proceed to the next step
  5. Open chrome://settings/crostini/details and select “Remove” to Destroy your Linux Virtual Machine
  6. Open chrome://settings/crostini/details and choose the option to Enable Linux
  7. Open chrome://settings/crostini/exportImport and select “Restore”. You will then need to select your backup. The restoration should take a few minutes. When complete, you should have access restored to Crostini

If you do not have a backup, I am sorry but you likely lost your data. You can follow Steps 5-6 to recreate your container.

5 thoughts on “ChromeOS 75.0.3759.4 Rolling out to the Dev Channel – Backup your Crostini Instance Before Rebooting if you Enable the GPU”

  1. I read your post this morning, but since I’m still on 73.0.3683.88 I thought it didn’t affect me.
    Nevertheless, I went to chrome://flags/#crostini-backup and enabled the “Crostini Backup” flag and restarted.
    However, this did not seem to have any effect, and chrome://settings/crostini/exportImport takes me back to the general settings page (unlike, chrome://settings/crostini, however there is nothing to be found about backups or import or export). Probably because this only applies to 74 and later.

    To my horror, when I clicked on the crostini “Terminal” icon (as I’ve done every day for months), I got a Material UI warning window saying “Linux is upgrading – Your app will open when the upgrade is finished.” I waited for several hours, and the spinning wheel never went away. Finally, I tried rebooting. After the first reboot, I got exactly the same behavior. After the second reboot, every time I click the Terminal icon it spins for a couple of seconds and then goes back to its un-highlighted state, as if nothing happened. Terminal never starts up, and I don’t get any error.

    This is pretty bad. I’m not sure if the problem got triggered by toggling the “Crostini Backup” flag.

  2. crosh> vsh termina
    [] Failed to get VM info for termina
    crosh> vmc start termina
    Error: routine at frontends/ `vm_start(vm_name,user_id_hash,matches.opt_present(“enable-gpu”))` failed: bad VM status: `VM_STATUS_FAILURE`: failed to mount stateful: Invalid argument

    As far as I can see, I don’t have any GPU flags enabled.


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