PSA To All Who Plan To Cook A Turkey In 2020

Thanksgiving comes at least once a year and it is normally a stressful time for the cooks in your family, especially in 2020 where you will likely need to serve your turkey over a Zoom conference call. While most chefs are able to cook a tasty turkey every year, most people forget to  download the latest firmware updates for the Turkey before running it through the build system. Many feel this process is intimidating and difficult but it is worth it for a moist and flavorful turkey. Here is a guide to update your turkey with the latest 2020 firmware

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ChromiumOS for GPD Pocket 1 and 2 R89-13613 Released – Major Update

Attention all ChromiumOS for GPD Pocket Users. There is a new update that is currently rolling out. This update has been in the works for a few months and brings countless new features to GPD Pocket Owners. This new build not only adds several new features but i put a lot of work into ensuring the GPD Pocket 1 features are on par with the GPD Pocket 2. The previous build of ChromiumOS for GPD sadly did not perform the best for GPD Pocket 1 users, my GPD Pocket 1 needed a replacement battery which did not allow me to test. I have been running this build on my personal devices for a few days and am very happy with the stability and performance of this new build.

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